MusiHub Website Builder Step #1

Build Your Page from Sections ("Stripes")

The very basic idea you need to know is how to add sections. Any page in your site is built from "stripes" - horizontal sections that come in a huge variety of designs, layouts and structures.

1. Hover between sections & click the "Plus" button

2. Choose the section that fits you the most.
You can browse through the different types of
sections from the upper sections' category-list.
3. Click the section & add it to your page
4. Voila - it's been added.

TIP: You can easily delete any section, replace it with another, move it up or down, or change its height. See step #3.

MusiHub Website Builder Step #2

Editing Elements: Text, Pictures, Buttons etc.

Each section is built from a variety of elements: Title, Subtitle, Picture, Button etc. You can click each element & insert your own content:

1. Click the element

2. A "Quick Menu" will appear - click the "Edit" button ("Upload" in this case)

3. Insert your own content: Enter your text or upload a picture.

TIP: Missing a Subtitle or a Button? You can also add new elements to each one of your items: just hover the "MORE" button in the "Quick Menu" and choose - "Add element". Choose the extra element you wish to add to your Item.​

MusiHub Website Builder Step #3

Controlling a Section's layout, structure and other settings

Keep in mind that any of your Section is highly flexible in terms of layout & structure. You can control the number of items in a gallery or change the position of the text.

1. Click the "Section Controller" located on the right-side of each one of your Sections.

2. Click the "Manage" button to control the number of items, spacing and other key-settings.

3. Click "Switch Layout" to change the Items layout - Top, Bottom, Side-by-Side and Middle.

4. Click "Effects" to add some magic to your site- hover effects, scrolling effects and more.

TIP: you can copy & paste Sections easily using the "Copy" button. When pasting, you can add the Section as an "Instance" - meaning all changes on the original Section will be made also on its copy.

MusiHub Website Builder Step #4

Adding new pages

After building your first page, you can keep adding more and more pages:

1. Click the "Pages" top-menu button

2. Click "Add a New Page"

3. Choose Blank or one of our ready-made pages

4. Name your new page

5. Decide if you wish to add it to your main menu.

To navigate between your pages just click the "Pages" top-menu button, click your page name drop-down, and choose the page you wish to edit.

Adding internal links to your new page from anywhere on your site is also simple: Just click the element you like to connect, click "link" > "Pages" > Choose your page.

TIP: We recommend starting with a 1-3 pages website and grow over time.
Highly focused sites are better and easier to handle - both for you and for your visitors.

MusiHub Website Builder Step #5

Publish Your Site & Connect a domain.

When you are done editing your site and ready to publish it to the world, you can connect it to an existing domain or buy a new one. We also provide an ad-free URL to preview the site.

1. Click "Publish"

2. Have a domain? Click "Connect an exisiting domain"

3. Need a new domain? Click "Buy a new domain".

4. New domains will automatically go live. Existing domains will need some basic modifications with your current registrar. A simple instructions will be sent to you after choosing this option.


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